Friday, January 15, 2010

White Baking Chocolate How Much Does Baker's Premium White Chocolate Baking Square Normally Cost.?

How much does baker's premium white chocolate baking square normally cost.? - white baking chocolate

I have tried to raise money, but they can not find anywhere, and I do not live close enough to the only shop that sells only to go and ask.


Helpfulh... said...

It costs $ 3.39 for six ounces, Connecticut, and that the poster was mentioned for the first time ...

Kraft said consumers who make six ounces, Baker's Premium White Chocolate Baking should be discarded boxes purchased the product. The recalled product was distributed nationwide and have the UPC number 0043000252200 and best when in '31 March 1 April 2 April and April 3, 2008 uses.

jbx978 said...

I live in central Virginia, and paid $ 2.99 for mine a week and a half. I do not know whether you are aware, but today there was a recall for some packages of Baker's white chocolate. I do not know what this question, but I thought I should know. To learn more about the recall, you can contribute to We hope that this helps!

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