Sunday, January 17, 2010

Presto Flipside Waffle Maker I Need To Buy A Good Waffle Maker For My Mom?

I need to buy a good waffle maker for my mom? - presto flipside waffle maker

his Christmas present I do not have much money, but I want something good for him. I thought about it: = 30 & id = 20FlipSide 20Electric Presto 20make%%%% 20Waffle

but I'm not sure if this is a good producer. I do not want to have him give it back. What do you think? If you have an idea of a good waffle iron? I can not too much money for all manufacturers of more than $ 60 too much. So at this point I can not ship something, then I must go and see in a store. Ideas? Please help.


tgrbkr said...

This one is superb! If you have a Costco membership a few months ago I bought me and an amazing 40th It's like one, but the kind you give with a handle, such as in hotels.

Brian D said...

Not a bad price for a biscuit manufacturer.
I have a website that has more than 40 wafers from $ 19.00.

They also offer free shipping for those responsible for most of these waffles.
Here's the link: ...

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