Saturday, January 9, 2010

Campfire Forks What Are Some Things That Can Be Cooked Over A Campfire Without Using Pots And Pans?

What are some things that can be cooked over a campfire without using pots and pans? - campfire forks

Things easily with aluminum foil or cook just long forks.

Clearly, Smores, hot dogs and baked potatoes.

Who else other ideas?

Ability (PS - you can cook an egg in the pan with aluminum foil?)


Max50 said...

There is no book called "Roughing easy ' ...

For a dollar, nothing can go wrong.

You can cook meat and vegetables from the grill

Max50 said...

There is no book called "Roughing easy ' ...

For a dollar, nothing can go wrong.

You can cook meat and vegetables from the grill

rykim718 said...

You can cook almost everything in aluminum foil. You can use boneless chicken breasts and season with salt and pepper. Spary the leaf of a non-stick cooking spray (use pam. etc.) or just) a little butter or oil. Seal it well. Prick a small hole on top to allow escape some steam. Put it on a rock near the fire (in a place where you hold your hand for about 5 seconds).
You have to experiment, but should be ready in about 10 to 15 minutes.

This also works well with fish. Meat used to be big, but ...
And yes, here's how to boil an egg, but be sure to make a hole in the tip of the ice.

Texas said...

Heat preserves in boxes (remove lid first), which tend to explode if they do not. This is the experience

countryg... said...

Fish in foil with butter and lemon pepper is great.
I've also cooked squirrel, very tasty.

steven a said...

The burgers are large and in a sheet. Put some onions with them.
You can cook the dough by turning around a stick.

drew b said...

Fact kitchen is probably the best because you can all without cooking or cleaning equipment. Place meat, vegetables and spices in a foil wrapper can always cook big meals possible. I recommend sticking with PAM to prevent oil or butter to grease the inside of the blade.

You may bring a collapsible stand up and place it over the flame. In this way you can style roast. I continue to recommend that the paper of choice

If you decide to cook an egg, put it in a fire zone with the lowest heat and leave for no more than 10 minutes. Remember, a hard boiled egg cook mostly in the shell. Part of cooking is the best way to do it in a kitchen.

louis said...

Texas is so famous for barbecue. We use strewe metal or carve a stick.
Since strewe pieces of beef, remove the seeds and roll the sticky side a tomato 1 / 4 and then add the meat and sliced zucchini and sliced peppers and sliced mushrooms in half and almost everything Stick Strewe. Of course, the potato is wrapped in aluminum foil in coal firing. Put on hold barbecue sauce on the plate and brush Strewe during cooking.
I can imagine almost all the vegetables in one Strewe. You've heard of corn, if you have an ear of corn in bacon and then aluminum foil and buried in the embers. It is a meal in your car.
We cooked the fish in the same way in the paper and cook wrapped in the glow. If you do not have a film waiting to be wrapped up things in the mud until the mud dries and falls apart, then to wash the dirt in the creek, and you have cooked fish, corn and apple country. You'll be surprised what you cook at the campfire. But usually we take pans, dishes,Utensils and cooking tips. Mainly strewe and sometimes by holding the pin in his own rotation.

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