Saturday, January 30, 2010

Matcha Green Tea Powder Toronto Help Finding Matcha Green Tea In Toronto (downtown Preferabley) And Cheap!?

Help finding matcha green tea in Toronto (downtown preferabley) and cheap!? - matcha green tea powder toronto

Look for matcha powder in downtown Toronto. Any help is greatly appreciated.


David T said... ...

Here is the best and not be at home!

and cheap ... I did this research for you. ...

I need points!


The Unknown Chef said...

I bought at Sanko on Queen Street just west of Bathurst St., tram stops from the queen at the door, I will give you the link, I am a former chef and use as a glass of green tea ice cream and sorbet /.

Ting is not a cheap easy to get, you can buy green and types of mobile Chinatown, and bang in a food processor or coffee powder is not the same as the Japanese version, but cheaper.

Tony said...

If you are looking for quality ceremonial/drinking grade Matcha, you can find them at these two online stores: (for organic) (for conventional)

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