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Orchid Wedding Flowers Did You (or Someone You Know) Use Orchids For Their Wedding Flowers?

Did you (or someone you know) use orchids for their wedding flowers? - orchid wedding flowers

I think) the use of certain orchids and lilies in my bouquet Centers (immersed in water high cylindrical lenses and as a link with accents of dragons. Are there any of these flowers particularly difficult to treat, call, or keep alive?

I would like some examples or images, or horror stories like, if you want

Thank you!


jellybea... said...

I orchids. Actually, bought and arranged by us. We have a stock of Orchids in Gilroy, CA (FYI, if you can get there) for a total of $ 300. We love plants, so they could get a couple of weeks in advance and cut flowers.

Our bouquets are simply large bouquets of orchids. You can see from my photos, it looked like. With pelicans, as it would be more traditional with a bouquet of flowers? As another reply said, orchids have not long come from what could be difficult for some types of flowers. For bouteneires (sp?) Just stick an orchid in his buttonhole. Unfortunately, this is not really good with my husband after crushing people all day. But at least they look good for the pictures!

We were married one days is warm enough and has the heat (80 degrees or less over, if I'm not) remember. They are, after all, tropical, so you do not want very easily. We have done our centers of orchids, but the idea sounds good.

In correspondence, I suppose, if your orchids in a specific color that could be very expensive. In our case we have exactly what was available - white orchids (seems to be the most common color), white with touches of purple and purple striped clean of witnesses. Our wedding colors were blue / orange aubergine and burnt, so that only saw in the workshop of orchids that are good for us.

Edit: I must say, Blunt bouquet looks great! There is a clear difference between the home and craftsmen, and in my case, flowers are a low budget priority.

flowersm... said...

Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers for weddings can be used. Who are long-lasting and very durable. They are soaking in a large glass of water. I recommend regular orchid wedding flowers because they can withstand days to leave the water. Dendrobium and Cymbidium are the hardest to do. I also used the stems of flowers each Dendrobium removed and suspended from fine wire for a smooth scheme. So they keep from freezing, such as refrigerators, because it vulnerable to frost.

Blunt said...

I had orchids in my bridal bouquet, buttonholes and parts center. We use Cymbidium orchids. We also use pastel orchids. Stay fresh for a very long time (my bouquet lasted 1 week!). The bodice. / Boutonnieres stay through the summer day happy. Orchids are not the stalks, so our floral designer is derived using artificial to make the field.

I am very satisfied with the orchids, which are expensive but well worth the effort.

Good luck


My bouquet (the day) after the ceremony;

http://i450.photobucket.com/albums/qq227 ...

My cake top:

http://i450.photobucket.com/albums/qq227 ...

Texas girl-Wanting a 2010 baby! said...

I wore white lilies in my bouquet and my bridesmaids carried roses and orchids. Also floral and orchid corsage and I think in boutennieres. It turned out very well and have resisted well.

◦ƒεṃαlε◦ said...

My friend's mother used orchids. They are beautiful. Unfortunately I do not know, but good choice!

Your wedding will be beautiful!

◦ ◦ ƒεṃαlε

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