Thursday, January 28, 2010

Can You Use Foodsaver Bags With Wolfgang Do ALL Foodsaver Bags, Work With EVERY Food Saver Unit, And Do All Foodaver Units Seal Easily?

Do ALL Foodsaver bags, work with EVERY food saver unit, and do all Foodaver units seal easily? - can you use foodsaver bags with wolfgang

It seems that the Food Saver is a good prodcuct. Tuesday morning a few discounts, but can not find the template on the net for revisions (1060, 1075 and 10475) are available. The guest reviews for other food savers, which I found online are all good, so I think it would be cool, ut wanted to ensure that pockets of working with one of them and all the seal of it.

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adamstul... said...

I have the V845 and it worked well for me for about 3 years.

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