Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cheats Pokemon Silver Visualboyadvance I Need Some Cheats For Pokemon Silver Plz!?

I need some cheats for pokemon silver plz!? - cheats pokemon silver visualboyadvance

plz help me ii need better pokemon

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drechao said...

Set time:
Press Down + Select + B at the title screen. You must enter a password to change the time that the name of the trainer, the number of trainers and money. The password can be calculated.
A simple way to change the system is the first rescue mission, if it simpler for you. Waiting time is that in real life (the game) without saving, turn off the game. Note: Do not do what you need to save. You should now have the specified time. Note: Tag Game. For example, if you are an hour late, turns 6 days/23 hours, the game does not save.
In the restaurant game:
Press Start + Select + A + B to restart during the game.
Skip credits:
Press Start + Select + A + B while the credits are displayed.
Otherwise hold if B "Game Boy" appears on the screen.
Delete and restart the game:
Press Up + B + Select or Start at the title screen. It will ask if you are sure that you delete your saved game. Select "Yes" and the menu will no longer be able to continue.
Quick Credits DisplaY:
Hold B while the credits.

But it's not really used to cheat pokemon better, we suggest you get a gameshark or any other kind of cheat system.

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