Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Laundry Tub Faucet Has Anyone Seen A Bathroom Sink Faucet Design That Has A Hose Sprayer?

Has anyone seen a bathroom sink faucet design that has a hose sprayer? - laundry tub faucet

I saw this amazing faucet on the sink in the bathroom HGTV Want Me That! "Show. Central game is a style that would be a 4" ... had a high collar that looked like a rooster, but can be removed from the area when the water is coming, and there was a hose attached to the neck in order to be used as a brush, I think, in it's action one Bathroom and not as a washtub, because they did not even say that there is a line, if someone tells you. Anyway, I'm trying to understand what to sell brands such a thing. I saw Moen, Delta, and we previously found. Does anybody know a brand that sells such a thing?

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I just my third last week. Pfister is a price, and I think this is called Catalina.

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