Friday, January 1, 2010

Business Telephone Answering Service Is There Any Automated Telephone Answering System Worse Than UPS?

Is there any automated telephone answering system worse than UPS? - business telephone answering service

Just got off the phone with a user agent with UPS, after attempting to take advantage of your speech recognition program based on customer service.

There was no bar, the worst experience with one of those robot phone, I experienced this myself. Almost never a functional response or a quote, you have to curse or insult the machine three times before in contact with a user agent and the operator, please help me and a great variety of expressions of others are completely ignored. UPS has lost my business until they can find a way to solve this problem.
My question is: Has anyone seen anything or heard so bad? To test the system, call: 1-800-833-9943


Anonymous said...

The DMV! Or any other automated system that simply "opt-out may require an operator by pressing" 0 ".

Verizon and Time Warner is pretty bad. What makes it bad, even if you try a good player, and enter your account number and try to navigate their delay system can not even find what you want, and then with one operator, you must have your account number again! Everything you need to do is spring, a little more money for a system that the recognition of the "automatic" entries to the representative is so that on receipt of the complaint, all of which shall be entered information updated.

cork said...

IRS and any state authority or FED GOV.

mrs sexy pants said...

Yes, experience has made many calls on the intelligence application, the list is endless so I gave it to you, but I must say ... UPS was not my worst experience. Automated systems are much worse, and people are still living in some companies. ;)

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