Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Washington Sports Club Prices How Can I Get A Deal From A Gym?

How can I get a deal from a gym? - washington sports club prices

I want to join Washington Sports Club, but they give me a price of $ 50 per month, which is a little steep for my budget. They want the contract Tak 2 years due to lower prices, but the current college in August and I told them, dass Is there a way to perhaps $ 10 or $ 15 or more to receive this award by agreement or talk or get something ? I must pay for themselves without the financial support from their parents. Anyone have any advice? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


dollface said...

Was the first time, I go the gym, and he wanted to nail me with a year contract, but after a conversation with them and what is clear to them that I would not sign a contract, they gave me one months months . resolve I was a little more expensive than the annual contract, has to speak of (one month), but it was worth it. no contracts, yes, it's a good thing, because the contracts gym hell! practically the only way to cancel as if you die or move away, but if you one of the gyms in your area and not yet able to cancel. I'm serious, gym memberships are so overrated!.

RML said...

Sometimes you can get discounts because you are a student, in which you work (for example, a hospital or large enterprises), or only in local coupon pounds. If you find someone to "partner" with you, the higher prices are also cheaper.

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