Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wedding Flowers Toronto My Wedding Colours Are Chocolate Brown, Light Blue And Ivory.?

My wedding colours are chocolate brown, light blue and ivory.? - wedding flowers toronto

I find it hard, real flowers, find chocolate brown. I would use ivory and brown with pink flowers with a blue ribbon. I like to use fresh flowers. Could someone please send me some information about the brown flowers and photos, if possible. I live in Toronto, Ontario.



toby said...

I do not know the flowers brown, but have you thought about the combination of ivory roses and blue flowers with a brown belt? may be, the easier to find .... Congratulations and good luck! I love the colors you choose!

valschma... said...

Well, because technically do not exist in nature! Not the "flowers", there are other things that in flowers, the brown, that are present in nature, such as brown hypericum are made.

There is also the cosmos Brown, who is a flower, and technically are not brown, but they are close and are known as brown.

Someone has recently combined several varieties of roses and get a hybrid rose, brown look.

I ask my florist can, if they order them for me!

music family said...

This is a hard, pink chocolate DIP! I never saw flowers, brown, and I worked in a kindergarten on the beach, I come with a few links, if possible .................. .
is only a few facts, silk flowers, because flowers are brown, but nice enough for a marriage, I found a link that looks like a burgundy brown. But they are beautiful.

Suz123 said...

Knot Note:
Consider the color brown is difficult to incorporate in the rules? It is not - Leonidas cosmos and roses in terra cotta in shades of chocolate, and Hypericum, which come in various shades of brown, all a rich contrast to the warm colors (eg pink or yellow) in its centerpieces and bouquets .

From here: ...
It is a small image.

Marysia said...

I think it is such a thing ..... I wish ivory flowers with blue accents and a thick brown belt.

Sara J said...

dont think theres such thing as srry brown flowers

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