Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cover Letter For Therapy Aide Band Called Noise Therapy?

Band Called Noise Therapy? - cover letter for therapy aide

I hope some hard rock / metal fans out there who can help me. It was (I think it was broken), an amazing group called Noise Therapy, Vancouver.

They were at their peak in the late 90 's-2000. Great songs, talent, voice, live performances, some fans in Canada, has never done much for one reason or another.

However, in Japan for a while ... and was soon after the release of a CD cover as "Letters from Tokyo" (I think).

The CD is fabulous, with an impressive cover of Duran Duran "Planet Earth". Almost as impressive Disturbed did a cover version of "Land of Confusion".

I can not find any information on this CD, or where to get it (what) my ex and I can not wait to get their hands on.

Please ... There is someone there, who knows? I prefer to buy my own copy instead of my ex .... :)

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Evican said...

I remember I got them for a while. You have a good cover version of "Message In A Bottle".

Probably should try Amazon or eBay, there is something in one of these sites.

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