Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where To Find Illegal Bride Wedding Dress Costs?

Wedding dress costs? - where to find illegal bride

I paid 670 for a wedding dress from the house of her friend ... that was for me an acceptable price for a dress. I was watching the single line of wedding dresses, where I have the same clothes that I bought for just 290 will see to! Http: / / www.kaersen.com/shopexd.asp?id=83 was on ...
The designer is always yours, but the look of this page seems to take that dress instead of the designer ... Is not it illegal to copy designer wedding gowns and then sell them at a 1 / 4 the price?


nikkabab... said...

Do not feel bad, because there seems to be forgeries. I looked at his clothes, and other styles, the Bridals Piccione sell sold more than $ 1000 if you buy from authorized dealers for. I think it is illegal to copy drawings, but I think it is legal to use images of the designers. It is a violation of copyright. Buy wedding dresses online and I have my pictures of my own clothing designs to comment on my online shop or I get into trouble. Keep in mind that we have had at least one proper. Best Wishes!

Stiffler said...

I think the dress of the site that have been copied.
It is illegal to copy a drawing, but it is illegal to call their own. It is also prohibited, designers used to design original photos, as they make on the page.
If you cheeky look to China this business back on eBay. Most ads are copies.

Do not feel bad, you have a very good price for your dress AUTHENTIC anyway. At least you know that you are always quality. I'm sure it will be perfect when it comes.

Determin... said...

No, it is not. Website you can find a range of affordable wedding dresses from the same company just under a different name. The house of my best friend and I bought a dress always sell for about $ 2200.00, but was told that most designers have a different line of consumers. Some people only have $ 300 in some people can spend $ 10,00.00. They may not be achieved in different markets. Especially since the dress is not the copy I just with cheaper materials in a smaller scale.

nova_que... said...

Wedding dresses by many designers are so similar, which is difficult to know who has a special costume is without the labels.
Knock-off sellers often dressed lightly modified to make it their own, without an exact copy.
I ordered my dress from a seller on eBay in China. In all of my future, I found similar dresses, but none that were the same as the very bought.

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