Monday, February 22, 2010

How Long Does The Rotc Scholarship Take Accepted For A 4yr M.O. Scholarship But Got DQ'd By DODMERB For Two Things.Are The Waivers Hard To Recieve?

Accepted for a 4yr M.O. Scholarship but got DQ'd by DODMERB for two things.Are the Waivers hard to Recieve? - how long does the rotc scholarship take

The DODMERB said: "All the ROTC programs automatically account for all recipients of grants and subsidies for the competitiveness of an exception." I wonder how long it takes, debt relief and what are the chances of them?

Code Description
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Mariner said...

Steven --

These are conditions that are difficult to resign - the chances are not good.


They say that once you commit, because money can. When you have completed the recruitment of 3 years, then you should be able to "finance for study," (perhaps not VMI, Citadel, but takes part in the Yellow Ribbon Program) with the post 9 / 11 GI Bill. If you are not familiar, see the link below. It is a great advantage and save:

1) Tuition fees for full registration with the State
2) BAH in the E-5 with a loading rate (whatever your paygrade a)
3) $ 1,000 per year for books, etc.

Conclusion: Look at this before you decide that you can not go to college.

Good luck!

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