Sunday, February 21, 2010

Derby Car Star Warstemplates Fashion Dress Code Nextel All-Star Challenge?

Fashion dress code Nextel All-Star Challenge? - derby car star warstemplates

I'm going with my friend for the race cars of tomorrow, God knows I do not like the noise, but these guys are investors and not the result of works of art, dinner and all of Kaboom!. We assume that at 3 clock, a meeting, a larger, go to the pool, exhibition space, before the race, said race, etc. The day Dress code: casual (long pants), required to be closed shoes and shirt sleeve feet. This does not give me enough information! OK, here's my problem, I am a fashionista, a huge, and I know how to tie for any kind of activity, picnic black dress, but a race car? Who have never in my plans, but if I were in Charlotte, you know that it pursue an opportunity for such activities. I went to the Kentucky Derby and the Masters, but eRules same ink. I tried a hard time to choose my clothes for tomorrow, I will do no more, but I do not want to see or a piece, there are men and women to suggestions

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Aquaria said...

First, I'm jealous! ;) You're lucky, there will be an explosion. Certainly, we do not know. Something comfortable, it will be a long day.

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