Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Best Tie To Wear With A Light Grey Suit Can I Wear A Pinstripe Suit Jacket With Some Grey Suit Trousers?

Can I wear a pinstripe suit jacket with some grey suit trousers? - best tie to wear with a light grey suit

I think it's all very well that I wear a fitted jacket (part of a plea by Paul Smith), gray with a pair. I also have a white shirt and skinny black tie. Opinions please! :)

Thanks in advance


violin_d... said...

Of course you can! Gray, like black, white, brown, khaki and neutral. All neutrals work well with a different color. However, be careful when connecting with gray gray black, black, etc., can be estimated as high enough. Jeans are a pseudo-neutral and can with all that go, so only more difficult to events such as office, weddings dress.
Pinstripes are also a pseudo-neutral, because it (unless the lines are very wide) that give the appearance of a color.
I like the sound of his team, but I have a suggestion: Instead of a black tie, not yet evaluated a pop of color? As the rest of the team is completely neutral, which could make any color you want! (I stay away from all that neon, however.)

♥Smile n' Wave♥ said...

if it looks good then yes! I think it looks very good!

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