Friday, February 19, 2010

Pete Wentz What To Ask For When I Get My Haircut If I Want It Like Pete Wentz?

What to ask for when I get my haircut if I want it like Pete Wentz? - pete wentz

In addition to presenting a picture or simply says: "I want Pete Wentz combing" or something like that, how can I say cut?


im_ur_an... said...

Make sure a picture that is very similar to what you want to bring. Every hairdresser should understand the situation. If you can not bring a photo or image to forget home, tell them you want a site that is relatively long, and then tell them which side they want to scan.

mrey1001 said...

If you should make an image of an expert stylist in a position to cut without much education. Unless, of course, you want something a little different, you say what you want. Clarified to ensure that they do so in court.

Leah said...

I think the only thing to do is a picture of the hairstyle you want to bring. Some people do not really know how their hair looks like Pete Wentz, you know, ever go to the salon. I also note how much you want to cut and one eye on the court because of a thumb for you may not be an inch from her stylist.

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