Thursday, February 4, 2010

Peace Bed Sets Spiritually Speaking, What Would You Do About This Transaction

Spiritually speaking, what would you do about this transaction - peace bed sets

I bought a Ralph Lauren bed on eBay. As always, I include determining the cost of shipping to my limits, which was 10.99 (s / h).

I was put into the account and pay the costs of the winning bid and shipping. I wondered how he would send only 10.99 for a queen all over the duvet and 4 pillowcases.

The package was too large to be shipped USPS as stated in the auction. Instead, the seller had to use FedEx, which cost him 26.28 instead of 10.99

I am not obligated to pay the difference, but he / she asked me the difference, if I paypal "so inclined".

I have a very good price on this topic, but a new factor in the costs that the delivery of advertising, and when.

What would you do? I'm so freaking indecisive. In fact, I have no idea what is ethically right for me. I can not believe that this person must pay $ 15 for shipping, but at the time of their mistake and told me of your auction information that is necessary.

Peace and thank you very much.


bonsai bobby said...

SO.YOU "is one who beat me to all of Ralph Lauren sheets ...
You are in big trouble, little Missy. Or should I say, p *** y. ... (Rats, I think I better explain, p (the Y *** ..) There is nothing in common but one example of the secret agreement that e-Bay to the user, rather than an identification with the name ... hell is funny ...

Man, I think it might depend on e-bay, especially the last 6 months or so .. Damn!

Really, really not your problem, but perhaps dividing the difference with the seller would be a fair solution for both peaceful and fair to the vendor ...

(((Peace yO)))

Pangloss (L'Union Fait La Fo said...

(((Yo La Paz))) I looked at his comments. If you have a positive response and hope that you will receive honest with you, I would share with him the difference. Is it possible that you can offer to pay the difference after receiving the goods and to confirm that they are indeed what they are told?

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