Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shaved Legs Tights Should I Shave/wax My Legs And Wear Tights Or Let My Leg Hair Grow Wild To Play In The Snow?

Should I shave/wax my legs and wear tights or let my leg hair grow wild to play in the snow? - shaved legs tights

I am a big snow and play again in the snow (which I have) no experience. Because I was a little lazy, I thought, leaving the hair legs in the wild to ... but also a reflection of shaving / waxing and wear tights under jeans. But I do not know if it works in the snow. What will it warm? I do not want snow pants, because they are unlikely to recur.


jon h said...

Leg Show hairs per cell, and a black
- And they are easier to shave legs, as I am informed by the ladies

But how do you wear your hair, these tights no matter
- Perhaps it could still be hot

Brittany said...

I would not have bothered to shave.

A set of thermals is good to wear under clothes when it's cold. And socks ... Belly of the hot springs in the socks, so you do not get snow touch your ankles.

I at least try to take some snow pants for anyone, because if you on a sleigh ride or what your clothes get wet at the end and then freezes the rest of the day.

jane said...

Im pretty sure that your leg hair a difference in the way it is to hot in the snow.
The use of long pants or trousers thermal underwear, you will be much warmer, but can also wet because the snow in his jeans soaked in water.

LuLu said...

she let the hair does not grow, because only very wet. You can always try on jeans flannel works well and avoids wet

Forever The Sickest Lauren said...

I am sure you are wearing a pair of leggings with jeans that are much, much warmer will only grow out of his leg hair. (:

Ki$sA said...

not really make a difference

the jon said...

Shave your legs, as :):):):). normal person

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