Saturday, February 13, 2010

4.6 Ford Cobra 4v I Bought A 4.6 Over The Counter And I Need To Get It Replaced.?

I bought a 4.6 over the counter and I need to get it replaced.? - 4.6 ford cobra 4v

Ok What I have is an engine from 4.6 to A 04 Mustang Cobra SVT that was acquired bought at the top of the engine was the 29th April and ends at the end of May I had no car, Ford, and now in the lurch, to replace the engine. SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!


Diesel Doc. said...

if I have a warranty, then must be replaced if they have been caused by defective parts. but if someone forgot to not put oil in the engine.

kelly s said...

If the change in ownership has not yet expired, it is "The right of guarantee is generally not transferable to a new owner.
A nice way to say this, that was originally purchased the motor, the person no longer use and simply provide you with your data and in its place. Or even that "your customer, and someone in the legs, where you bought it, it just does not achieve that" people called "/ come to you complain.
Put in the future, make sure that whoever you sell your projects, contacts, before you try something Guarantee (A pain I know, but it would not matter because you get the 4.6 version than the buyer .)

evan said...

I think he wants to come to a refund and return back to Ford so long ago. Then you have to sell and still a little lost, or perhaps Ford returns to 25% less a processing fee? Good luck

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