Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pcmcia Sd Card Reader Is This Netbook Any Good? Please Explain Why Or Why Not.?

Is this netbook any good? please explain why or why not.? - pcmcia sd card reader

IBM ThinkPad X60
Type 1707-CTO

An ideal very small and light laptop for travel, with Windows XP Professional and has an internal Wi-Fi is finally ready to connect to a wireless network so you can surf the Internet and retrieve e-mails.

IBM X60 with Notepad:

1.66 GHz Intel Core Solo T1300
2048MB RAM
12.1 fullcolor TFT
3 x USB Port
Internal Wireless
SD Card Reader
56k modem
LAN Port
Built in the mouse
Built in sound and speakers
Microphone and speaker port
Under Windows XP Pro fully
Office (Word, Excel, etc..)
UK Keyboard
Charger & Power Cable
(These are small laptops that will not come with a CD)

I have Windows XP or nursing do not have a CD drive.

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