Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Obtain Electricians License Tennessee What Are Some Good Areas To Live In North Or South Carolina?

What are some good areas to live in North or South Carolina? - obtain electricians license tennessee

My family is considering N or S Carolina.

Which city (s) / areas you do well?

My friend and I are 32
We have a daughter 2 years
We would like to attend a good preschool education and to promote the arts.
We like going to a support area in the Irish culture, including dance steps for our daughter
We plan to have another child in about 2 years .... I will stay at home and the family, until the youngest is old enough support in order to pre-school.

I have a degree in accounting and 6 years of experience in tax preparation.
My friend has the experience, but is not licensed as a journeyman or an electrician. He wants to get a license in one or two offices immediately after the transfer.

Our interests / hobbies are: the garden of flowers and vegetables, model railways, military history, particularly the Air Force

Which areas they offer the best quality of life that sustains our cultural background / Preferences / education and lifestyle?

We are also open to other suggestions in the neighboring states, Tennessee, Kentucky, including Georgia.

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