Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cervix Cancer More Condition_symptoms I Suffer From Vaginismus And Is This A Symptom I Have Cervix Cancer. How To Overcome This Problem ?

I suffer from vaginismus and is this a symptom I have cervix cancer. How to overcome this problem ? - cervix cancer more condition_symptoms

I manage to think, and have a 2-year through a Caesarean section. I've been married for 3 years and this is why my marriage is on the board. I was shocked when my husband wants. It is a painful experience for me and I am ashamed to see a doctor because it is a very private matter.

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mypurdy said...

The vagina is a symptom of cancer of the cervix.

It seems to me that if I have sex, even if it hurts. Vaginismus intercourse is impossible, because the muscle will remain stuck.

This is definitely something you should discuss with your doctor. You may have an infection that can be easily eliminated with proper medical treatment.

If you are still convinced that you have vaginismus (and it is quite possible to develop if it is still pain) during sexual intercourse, visit You can even himself is a series of graduated dilators.

Best of luck.

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