Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Female Waxing Pictures How To Make Hair Look Lighter?

How to make hair look lighter? - female waxing pictures

I am a woman, and I want to go the wax / thread my upper lip hair, as the show is closest to my area about 15 minutes.
I use the cream because it irritates the skin.

I've heard about the fade, but I am confident that Asia, as it could look like.

Has anyone any idea how my hair look brighter, or if it is discolored pictures of Asian hair, upper lip (or anyone who has tanned skin color).


˙uǝɹɐʞ ɯ,ı 'ɐloɥ said...

Go to your drugstore and you can probably have some whitening products hair.
Some of my friends who are also Asian bleached hair, upper lip, and it really works.
The barely visible, unless you are looking for serious hair.

Angela N said...

You can buy these bands Sally Hanson, at your local Wal-Mart, and if you do not go to the hairdresser, only wax your car. They are really easy to use. Just to draw Peal, implement,!

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