Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Flatbed Scanner With Transparency Adapter Is There Any Software To Assist With Batch Scanning Slides On A Flatbed Scanner?

Is there any software to assist with batch scanning slides on a flatbed scanner? - flatbed scanner with transparency adapter

I have an absolute load of old slides and scan work only a flatbed Epson. This device is provided with a promotion of transparency, a slide in the center of the scanner. Could not accelerate the process of layoffs as a slide, which fit in the bed and later processed? Is there any software to detect and separate multiple images in a scanner?


T-Bar said...

The only way is to take the new HP G3110, which is inexpensive and can scan 10 slides at a time. Even then you still have to separate for each of them or save them as a group

Ian S said...

To scan slides and need backlighting, Frontlit scanner is usually not, unless you have many holders of transparency. There are some magazine scans expensive, try a search for the magazine slide scanner.

If you're in a company / school then amybe can still help departemnt, often a department of history has this type of fishing gear, or maybe you have a loan from commercial test could get a set.

Hope this helps

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